Red Leicester returned to singing on the streets of Leicester on Saturday 11th December when we raised £80 for Medical Aid for Palestinians (see the home page for more details).

Whilst there were COVID restrictions on groups of people meeting, Red Leicester’s activities were limited. In lieu of busking, however, Red Leicester has donated £50 a month to various causes as listed below.


Saturday 4th April: Leicester South Foodbank.

Saturday 2nd May: Women’s Aid Leicestershire.

Saturday 13th June: Leicester Sing for Water.

Saturday 4th July: Campaign Against Arms Trade.

Saturday 1st August: British Red Cross Beirut Emergency Appeal.

Saturday 5th September: Hope Not Hate Charitable Trust.

Saturday 3rd October: Rainbow Railroad.

Saturday 7th November: Woodgate Community Food.

Saturday 5th December: Women’s Aid Leicestershire and Citizens of the World Choir.


Saturday 2nd January: Leicester Musical Memory Box.

Saturday 6th February: Right To Remain.

Saturday 6th March: Big Issue Foundation.

Saturday 3rd April: Disasters Emergency Committee

Saturday 1st May: UK-SVG Friendship Trust

Saturday 5th June: Leicester Hospitals Charity

Saturday 3rd July: Malka needs your help to get justice!

Saturday 7th August: Leicester LGBT Centre

Saturday 4th September: Child Poverty Action Group

Saturday 2nd October: After 18

Saturday 6th November: Climate Action Leicester and Leicestershire